Thursday, April 11, 2013

WPW-543: Female Bodybuilder Colette Guimond

WPW-543: Female Bodybuilder Colette Guimond - Official Video Preview

WPW released their first video with Colette Guimond way back in 1994 (on WPW-245), then waited 8 years before revisiting her in 2002- that footage is on WPW-502. For this work in 2003, Colette was by far in her best condition ever, totally ripped and huge at 5'1" 145 pounds. The taping was done the day after the 2003 Jan Tana Amateur bodybuilding contest, which she won.

No gym work this time, but Colette posed in a bikini and dresses, displaying muscle size, shapes and hardness seldom seen, ever, and her new hairstyle was right on. A great overall look. Her interview is also included, bringing her footage to about 70 minutes.

Since WPW had the room on a two hour tape, WPW included the entire Jan Tana amateur bodybuilding contest- Trudy Ireland and several other regional bodybuilders were also in that show.

This was WPW's last photo/video session with Colette, and although she has not been in a contest recently, she is still on the scene, and WPW hopes to catch up with her again one more time.

WPW-543 video running time is about 2 hours.

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